Yuddha Bhoomi (Telugu) Yuddha Bhoomi (Telugu) (2018)

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Yuddha Bhoomi is a patriotic drama that is set out in 1971 India-Pakistan war backdrop. Vasudevan(Mohan Lal) is an Indian army officer who believes that a soldier should always keep his morale high and face the enemy with courage. He comes face to face against Pakistan army unit commander, A Raja(Arunoday Singh) who shares a similar ideology. During the war, Vasudevan finds a key officer in the form of Chinmaya(Allu Sirish) but an unforeseen incident brings a massive twist in the tale. Is Ranbir Kapoor ready to confirm his relationship with , List of loanwords in Indonesian - Wikipe, ?????????????? (????????????) ?? ??? (????? , Telugu Songs, Telugu movies, Hindi Songs, Hindi ,
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