War Eagle, Arkansas War Eagle, Arkansas (2007)

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Coming of age in an Ozark town. Enoch is a high school senior: he stutters, has one friend, Wheels, a kid with CP who's in a wheelchair, and thinks about college in Tennessee on a baseball scholarship. He's philosophical, loves poetry, and lives with his mom and grandfather. Life gets complicated when he finds himself attracted to Abby, one of the popular girls. When he starts hanging out with her, even though he wants Wheels along, in part to help him finish his sentences, it causes friction between the two friends and gives Enoch pause about whether he should "leave town to make something of himself." Can he figure out what he wants without hurting anyone's feelings? Maybe not. War Eagle - Wikipe, War Eagle Conference, War Eagle Boats - Team Ward Aluminum Duck Boats , War Eagle Cavern - Rogers, Arkansas Family Attracti, War Eagle Trail Running Festi, War Eagle - Sioux C, Boats - War Eagle Boats, War Eagle Supper Club, Home - War Eagle Mill, Home - War Eagle Parking,
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