The War Between Men and Women The War Between Men and Women (1972)

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2 quirky Manhattanites crash into each other at an ophthalmologist's office. Peter is a grouchy cartoonist/author whose vision is failing, divorced mother Theresa is also reluctant to plunge into a relationship right now. It's not love at first sight - both have their eyes dilated, plus Peter constantly lampoons women in his work, which book seller Theresa knows well. Loosely based on James Thurber's drawings "The War Between Men and Women," and Thurber's life, the film features animated sequences. War - Wikipe, Battlefield:Vietnam - , - World War I / The Great War / , War (2007) - I, BBC - History: World War , Philippine–American War - Wikipe, Cold War - Causes, Events, Pictures & Videos - History., John D Clare - GCSE Modern World Hist, Just War Theory | Internet Encyclopedia of Philoso, WarGames (1983) - I,
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