The Seamstress The Seamstress (2009)

CAM 85 min (European Film Market) Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller 357 views


The Seamstress was brought into being by the desperate curse of an innocent woman being tortured to death by a vigilante mob. Voracious for blood, the hideously-mutilated specter hunts a small group of friends who become trapped on the island where she died. The friends, led by Allie, are searching for Allie's missing father. As Allie comes to understand that he was one of the vigilantes, her friends begin to die gruesome horrific deaths on the point of The Seamstress' needle. When the last two surviving vigilantes arrive, locked in their own dance of death and revenge, Allie must either preserve her own innocence or be corrupted by vengeance herself. Written by Anonymous seam - Vertaling Engels-Nederlands - , Markets, Agri-business, Technology - The Seam, The Seams with Jacki Ly, Seam | Definition of Seam by Merriam-Webs, Sign In - The Seam, Seams | Define Seams at Dictionary., Seam - definition of seam by The Free Diction, The Seam - Home | Faceb, Seam (sewing) - Wikipe, Welcome to Steam,
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