The Merchant Gaekju The Merchant Gaekju (2015)

60 min Romance, Drama 798 views


In late Joseon, a poor man named Chun Bong-sam starts out working as a tout and eventually works his way to become a wealthy merchant. As tradesmen clash against the bureaucratic powers that attempt to oppress them by rigging bad deals, Bong-sam never loses sight of his humble beginnings as a peddler even after achieving great success and eventually shapes the way that industry and business are done in his time. The Merch | h, welcome to the merch, The Merch Desk - Home | Faceb, The Merch Desk :: H, The Merch - Pub - Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan | Facebook , The Merch - TV Tro, MerchNOW - Your Favorite Band Merch, Music and M, All About The Merch (@aatmerch) | Twit, The Vamps Official Online Store | The Vamps, Penny Arcade - Comic - The Merch,
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