The Grand Duel The Grand Duel (1972)

SD 98 min Western 251 views


Philipp Wermeer has been framed for the murder of a powerful figure known as The Patriarch. Wermeer escapes, but the three Saxon brothers, sons of The Patriarch, have arranged for a large bounty on Wermeer's head. Clayton is a grizzled ex-sheriff stripped of his office in Jefferson after refusing to acknowledge Wermeer's guilt. During a series of fire-fights, Clayton contrives to help Wermeer escape from attacks of bounty-hunters. Together, the two make their way to Jefferson, where they can confront the three powerful Saxon brothers, and reveal the surprising truth about who killed The Patriarch. Written by Charles Delacroix Grand Wailea | A Waldorf Astoria Resort | Maui, Haw, Grand Lux Cafe :: Home :. Something for Everyo, Grand Valley State University, Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando | Downtown Orlando , The Grand Lodge of Scotland, Latest Formula 1 Breaking News - Grandprix., Grand Orient de France - Liberté - Egalité , Grand Canyon National Park (U.S. National Park Servi, Grand Illusion Cinema, Le grand dictionnaire terminologi,
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