The Condo The Condo (2015)

HD 85 min Comedy, Romance 24,433 views


Duke, a fast-talking real estate agent, just couldn't sell the condo, one murdered previous owner and prospective buyers left in a hurry. When his poker buddies were all complaining that they had no place to take their mistresses, Duke saw a solution to all their problems. They have all been lying to their unsuspecting mistresses, lying about being single and lying about why they don't have a place to go and make love so Ron D., the stand-up comedian, Tom, shy and henpecked, Juan, the gay dance instructor who wants to experiment, and Duke team up to lease the condo and turn it into their love cave. It is almost a catastrophe before it gets started when they all schedule a night with their mistress on the same night. Fast talking and luck saves them, and they come up with the perfect plan. Each gets the condo for one week a month, which gives them time to change the pictures and the clothes in the closets and drawers to avoid suspicion and questions. Life is good until a crazy mistress... Condo Vultures .: Miami Fort Lauderdale West Palm , Crystal Po, Hawaiian Condo Resorts - Vacation rentals and RE sa, Seattle Condos and Lofts | The Seattle Condo B, Ayala Land International | Ayala Land Premier | Alveo , Welcome to CalypsoBeachCondoRentals., Survival Condo – Atlas Missile Silo turned Luxury Con, Century Properties | Real Estate Philippi, - Miami Condos, Miami , - 한화콘도, 대명콘도, ,
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