The Bed Sitting Room The Bed Sitting Room (1969)

SD 90 min Comedy, Sci-Fi 14 views


Set in post-nuclear-holocaust England, where a handful of bizarre characters struggle on with their lives in the ruins, amongst endless heaps of ash, piles of broken crockery and brick, muddy plains, and heaps of dentures and old boots. Patriotically singing "God Save Mrs. Ethel Shroake, Long Live Mrs. Ethel Shroake", they wander through this surrealistic landscape, forever being warned by the police to "keep moving", and prone to the occasional mutation into a parrot, cupboard, or even, yes, a bed sitting room with "No Wogs" scrawled in the grime on its windows. In particular, this story revolves around the odd "love story" of a girl who lives with her parents in one compartment of a London Underground train, the commuter in the next compartment, and the doctor they meet after returning above ground in search of a nurse for the heavily pregnant girl. | Beds & Mattresses Online | Free Deliv, Wijnsta, Bed Bug Registry—Check Apartments and Hotels , OP 'T INDSJE EETCAFE - BED AND , Slaapkamer inrichten – Bedden en , Bed Bugs: Get Them Out and Keep Them Out | US , Bed bug - Wikipe, Bed & Breakfast in Itali, Welcome to, Canada's Top Bed and , B&B De Hout,
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