Sophie and the Rising Sun Sophie and the Rising Sun (2016)

HD 105 min Drama 304 views


Set in the autumn of 1941 in Salty Creek, a fishing village in South Carolina, the film tells the dramatic story of interracial lovers swept up in the tides of history. As World War II rages in Europe a wounded stranger, Mr. Ohta, appears in the town under mysterious circumstances. Sophie, a native of Salty Creek, quickly becomes transfixed by Mr. Ohta and a friendship born of their mutual love of art blossoms into a delicate and forbidden courtship. As their secret relationship evolves the war escalates tragically. When Pearl Harbor is bombed, a surge of misguided patriotism, bigotry and violence sweeps through the town, threatening Mr. Ohta's life. A trio of women, each with her own secrets - Sophie, along with the town matriarch and her housekeeper - rejects law and propriety, risking their lives with their actions. Written by monterey media inc. Prive ontvangst Sophie. Live acts. Limb, Sophie El, Sophie van Wurtemberg - Wikipe, BooMama — Read by tens of people every single , Femdom Nurse Fetishist Sadist - , Vulli Sophie The Giraffe Teether, Brown/White - , Sophie Hilbrand - Wikipe, Le Tricomonde de Sophie, Sophie's Choice (1982) - I, Sophie Ellis-Bextor,
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