Scalene Scalene (2011)

HD 97 min Crime, Drama, Thriller 409 views


A single mother is desperately trying to care for her mentally-handicapped son, Jakob. She's out for revenge when Jakob is charged with rape. Paige, the victim, was hired as a care-taker for Jakob and she also just wants what is best for him. But who is in the right, and what really happened? Written by napierslogs Banda Scalene | Site Ofic, scalene archite, Scalene - Wikipe, Scalene Triangle -- from Wolfram MathWo, Definition of Scalene Triangle - Math Is , Triangles - Equilateral, Isosceles and Scalene, Scalene Muscles - Yoganat, SCALENE & STERNOCLEIDOMASTOID STRETCHES, IXL - Scalene, isosceles, and equilateral triangles (5th , Scalene Muscles - Anatomy, Supply, Function, Pathology ,
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