Lake Fear Lake Fear (2014)

SD Comedy, Horror 370 views


Tina, Jordan, Kathy and Stephanie head to a cabin for a weekend get away. They sneak into an abandoned cabin for a bit of adventure as they enjoy their time away from it all. After stumbling upon a doll that has been watching them the entire time they end up also finding a tape recorder that dictates different evils that the cabin possesses. The girls don't pay any attention to it until the evil in the cabin starts playing with them. They become locked in a battle with the evil that wont let them go. This is a comedy / horror . A generic spoof like premise that decides to take a new twist That audiences will not expect. Written by Gerald Crum Salt Lake City's Scariest Haunted House - Fear Factory S, Ghost Lake at Conneaut Lake,, Salt Lake 7-11 Hepatitis A Fear | Hepatitis B, VA Salt Lake City Health Care Sys, Town of White Lake, Thompson Lake Marina - Offering wide range access to , Lake Tarpon Information Cen, Summersville Lake Lodging - Summersville Lake Retreat, Lake Erie - Wikipe, FEAR IS THE NEW BEAUTY - MAX GRU,
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