Hobson's Choice Hobson's Choice (1954)

HD 108 min Comedy, Drama, Romance 414 views


1880s Salford, England. Widowed Henry Hobson, owner/operator of Hobson's Boots, lives with his three adult daughters, Maggie, Alice and Vicky, in a flat attached to the shop. Henry is miserly, dipsomaniacal and tyrannical, not allowing his daughters to date as their sole purpose in life is in service to him and to the shop, they who receive no wages in that professional service. He changes his mind about Alice and Vicky, for who he will choose husbands, despite they, the romantic ones, already having chosen the men they would marry if given the opportunity. He will, however, not provide them with a dowry, which may prove to be a challenge in finding them who he would consider suitable husbands. Concerning Maggie, he believes she is far too useful to him as the overly efficient and organized one to let go, and too old at age thirty for any man to want her anyway. Incensed by her father's attitude about her, Maggie decides that she has to show him how wrong he is about her being an ... Written by Huggo Hobson Engineering Co Pty , Hobson Motor Inn & Wi, John Gielgud - I, Hobson's Choice (1954) - I, HIBS, Taylor Hobson, Hobson & Co – Your Livestock Part, Hobson Engineering Co Pty , ben hobson – aut, Jeff HOBSON Webs,
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