Forgotten Silver Forgotten Silver (1995)

HD 53 min Comedy 21 views


Forgotten Silver is a mockumentary which details the prodigious life of "lost" filmmaker Colin McKenzie and his incredible advances that were lost to history...until now. This supergenius filmmaker, posthumously inducted into the pantheon of cinema greats, made incredible advances in filmmaking technology, supposedly making a talkie in 1908 and using color film in 1911, but madness and poverty and the usual industry tolls drove him into obscurity. Welcome to Forgotten Buffalo Tours - Original Off the , Forgotten NY - An alternative view of New Y, Right to be forgotten - Wikipe, :: official heideroosjes webs, Elk Merk Waardig | Apart verdient 'n , Grant's Tomb: Desecration, The Forgotten 500: The Untold Story of the Men Who , Forgotten Harvest: Driving hunger from the Detroit , The Forgotten Shore | Jellyneo., Forgotten Souls Dog Rescue - Rescued | Re-homed | ,
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