Foolish Plans Foolish Plans (2016)

HD 93 min Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller 323 views


Ambitious science student Julia and programmer Rebecca are trying to make cells age slower. They are about to break new ground when they find out that Julia's boyfriend Erik has a terminal illness. As he gets worse and worse, they see no other option than to break moral boundaries. In secret they build a lab in their apartment and start experimenting - with Erik as a human guinea pig. At first they seem to have found a cure, but they soon discover that his cells show signs of unexpected side effects. They have managed to enhance the body's properties. But what at first seems like something fun and exciting turns out to be far more dangerous than they ever had imagined. Foolish (1999) - I, Foolish Pleasure Horse Pedig, My Foolish Heart (song) - Wikipe, Helaine Olen - WordPress., Midi Adventure Download MIDI Files F, Foolish Guacamole Recipe | Food Netw, The Foolish Friend: Folktales of Type 1, Giant In the Playground Ga, Foolish Wishes - Home | University of Pittsbu, 'I'd be foolish to say I don't want to be here ,
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