City of Vices City of Vices (2014)

HD 208 min Adult, Hot 18 67,891 views


It’s just another day in the City of Vices when two hookers, Cynthia and Val, are tasked to deliver cocaine to gangster, Antonio. Trouble occurs when the den is raided by the Vice Squad and their cocaine is stolen by corrupt cop, Drake. Not wanting to get killed, the girls create a fake brick of cocaine to hand to Antonio. Things go from bad to worse when Cynthia shoots Antonio using Drake’s gun! Now Drake must help her get rid of the body before the crew finds out the cocaine is fake. All events transpire into an all-out war between Antonio’s gang and Drug Lord Vasquez, while Cynthia and Drake just try to stay alive. | H, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Guns N' Roses - Paradise City - YouT, City of Alexandria,, Home | V-Day: A Global Movement to End Violence , Grove City College, Liverpool 5-0 Swansea City - BBC Sp, Rockstar Games: Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories, Sex and the City (2008) - I, CITYFITN,

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