Cabaret Desire Cabaret Desire (2011)

HD Adult, Romance 7,593 views


There is a magic, bohemian place where people go at night to hear erotic tales. A Madame introduces each client to a lady or gentleman, who will take them deep into a world of evocative recitation. Words flow gently as desire smoothly invades every inch and every crevice. The narrators will take you on a journey through four tales which will lead you to discover new feelings and places full of lust. List of tales: The Two Alexes, My Mother, In Wonderland, Wet sheets. Cabaret bij Nederlands | , Cabaret Lion d'Or | Accu, Spectacle Cabaret - Revue Cabaret Rêve , Cabaret Michou - Spectacle d'artistes , Over ons – Eer&Nan | christelijk cabaret, Le Grand Cabaret Diner spectacle N, Ernst van der Pa, Cabaret Sauvage – Site Offic, Cabaret M, La villa diner spectacle | cabaret et diner ,
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