Cafe Waiting Love

Cafe Waiting Love

120 min

Country: Taiwan

Director: Chiang Chin-lin

Actors: Megan Lai

Genres: Comedy, Romance

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Movie plot
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The story is about Si Ying, a college freshman who gets a part-time job at "Café. Waiting. Love" coffee shop because she develops an instant crush for a good-looking popular boy named Zeyu, who';s a frequent customer at the café, after he ';saved'; her from a bus accident. Si Ying eventually meets with Ah Tuo, a ';legendary'; college senior at the coffee shop. The two eventually become good friends after Si Ying daringly stands up for him when he is teased by his friends. As time passes, Si Ying learned that Ah Tuo is a passionate, honest, straightforward and sincere young man who has been working multiple part-time jobs to realize his dream of travelling around the world and formed a bond with him. On the other hand, Ah Tuo is also deeply attracted to her kindness and unique sense of right and wrong. However, Si Ying only sees Ah Tuo as nothing more than a good friend because of her crush on Zeyu, until finally when he decides to leave Taiwan for his travels then she finally realizes where her heart truly belongs. Coffee and Cigarettes (2003) - I, Café. Waiting. Love - Wikipe, The Wait (2015 film) - Wikipe, #1 Movies Website - Watch Movies and TV-series Online for F, The Wait - Film 2015 - FILMSTARTS, Café. Waiting. Love (等一个人咖啡) – Review | F*** Magaz, 123movies4u | 123movies - Watch Movies Online Free | Watch ,

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