Teacher's Pet Teacher's Pet (2004)

Teacher's Pet Teacher's Pet (2004)

Leonard is a 4th grader; his mother, Mrs. Mary Lou Helperman, is his teacher, and has been nominated for a teaching award. They plan a trip to Florida for the finals, but need to leave their dog, Spot, behind. Unknown to Mrs. Helperman, Spot has been masquerading as a boy, Scott, who is her star pupil. Spot wants nothing more than to be a real boy, and sees a way to this when mad scientist Ivan Krank appears on the Barry Anger show. Krank thinks he can turn animals into humans. Conveniently, his lab is right down the street from where the Helpermans are staying, so Spot, as Scott (and the rest of his family) convinces Mary Lou to take him along. Spot becomes a man, but discovers it's not everything he ever dreamed of after all. Written by Jon Reeves [email protected] TeacherTube, Teachers TV, A to Z Teacher Stuff: Downloads, Printables, Lesson , TeacherWeb - Websites for Teachers, Schools, and , NOAA Teacher at Sea, ILC., gay teacher - Free Gay Sex, Young Gay Boys, Free Gay Porn , Teach-nology.com - Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Teacher , SEN Teacher Home Page ⋆ Special Educational Ne, teachers.on.net - Australia\'s Leading Education Jobs,

Category : Animation, Family, Comedy, Fantasy, Musical,

Country : USA,

Director : Timothy Björklund,

Duration : N/A

Status : CAM

Realease date : 2004

IMDb : 5.8



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